Thursday, January 12, 2012


Every word you give me is a miracle word—how could I help but obey?  Break open your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning.  Mouth open and panting, I wanted your commands more than anything. 
(Psalm 119:129-131 The Message)

As the New Year has started, I find myself recommitting to my eating plan.  I made the determination last summer to really commit to eating in a manner that honored God with my choices.  My continual struggle to keep weight off is something I have had to deal with since just about every hormone producing "organ" in my body has been surgically removed!  Now, I must eat well, exercise often, and just not be as "selfish" in my choices as I would like to be.  

Yesterday, a friend and I both sat there just craving something sweet - - but the desire was for chocolate, not an apple!  You could almost liken us to "panting" for chocolate!  Why were we at that spot?  Simple - - we had allowed ourselves to indulge over the holidays and now we were fighting the "need" our bodies were telling us we had for the rich, sweet substance!  Our writer today describes "mouth open and panting" as his reaction to the Word of God.  Now, just imagine the condition of mind, will and emotions in one with this "craving"!  

The writer begins with the idea that every word that God gives to him (personally) is a miracle word.  To me, this implies God speaking directly to our need - - into the open spaces of our hearts where we need his touch more than anything else.  This miracle-working God we serve is never too busy, or too consumed with other people, to overlook our need for a fresh "taste" of his Word.  David describes the word he receives as "miracle words".  They surpass human knowledge - - because they are divine.  They are not "natural", but "supernatural" in their actions.

We often use a term such as "miracle drug" or "miracle cream" to describe something which produces an effect far beyond what we could imagine or hope. God's Word, applied to our lives in much the same manner as we'd take in a "miracle drug" or apply a "miracle cream" produces something we could not hope to produce without its application - - obedience!  It is in the applying of the Word that obedience is produced - - short and sweet.

No wonder our psalmist is "panting" for the words of God to be broken open afresh in his life!  The longing of his heart is for God to bring light.  This implies the potential for darkness to be no more!  Woohoo!  In the darkest places of our lives (and disobedience can be a pretty dark place), God has the "miracle word" at the ready!  The very thing we need to break free of our guilt, to be open to change, to allow reconciliation - - in one "miracle word" from the "arsenal" of his Word! 

To pant implies waiting with such an intense longing - an eagerness of mind, will, and emotions.  There is an investment on our part to get the "miracle word" God speaks!  In the waiting, with intensity and focus, we are readied to receive.  Just like the one with a disease curable only by the dosing of the "miracle drug", we sit in anticipation of the effect the "miracle word" will produce within!  In these moments, God works great "miracles" on our behalf. In these moments, he produces desire far beyond our ability - - desire to live in obedience to his Word.

In Bible School, we studied "big" words.  This is just something Bible School scholars do!  We get all into the Greek and Hebrew - - figuring out the "meaning" of things by the interpretation of the "original" language in which the Word was written.  Of all the "words" we studied, one word spoke more to me than others - - rhema - - the Word of God spoken to an individual, made alive to the one hearing it.  Simply put...they were "miracle words" direct from God - - not for the masses, but for the individual hearing them!  I am awed by the gift of God's Word - - but overcome with gratefulness at the gift of his "rhema" in my life!  Miracle-working God speaking "miracle words" into my life and yours!  Awesome!