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Limitless - priceless!

If we are used to measuring things, such as the length of something, or the content within a particular container, after a while we all can pretty much eyeball something and tell just about how much is in that container or how long the object is.  Why?  We become so accustomed to the container or the object we are measuring we just know when we see it. It has to do with how frequently we observe that object.  I only have to eyeball a bag of IV solution after all these years and I can pretty much gauge how long it will last at the present rate it is infusing.  I can quickly tell if your kidneys are producing 30 mL per hour by the content of the bag collecting the urine while you are under anesthesia in the operating room. These are things I "know" because I have observed them over and over again until I develop such an awareness that is almost comes as second-nature to me now.  I wonder if we can get to know God's ways of dealing in our lives in much the same manner and develop this "knowing" which helps us to be aware at any given moment when he is about to move, speak, challenge us, etc.?  I think it might just be possible we get to know him well enough we can appreciate his movement quicker.  I may know whether your kidneys are producing urine, but I don't know the "life" left in those kidneys or how every other organ is working at that moment in your body because those things are more or less hidden to me most of the time.  We might think we know things like God does, but let me just assure you - - - we have only begun to experience his wealth, appreciate his wisdom, and bask in his knowledge!

Who can measure the wealth and wisdom and knowledge of God? Who can understand his decisions or explain what he does? “Has anyone known the thoughts of the Lord or given him advice? Has anyone loaned something to the Lord that must be repaid?” Everything comes from the Lord. All things were made because of him and will return to him. Praise the Lord forever! Amen.  (Romans 11:33-36 CEV)

I think it is possible to get close enough to God's heart that we begin to understand his movement and interpret his actions a lot quicker or easier.  It is because of the frequency of contact we have with him - the multitude of opportunities we have to observe how he moves or acts - that we become "familiar" with these movements and actions.  It isn't because we gain the "mind" of God and rise to his level of wisdom or knowledge - but we can see things through his eyes and begin to respond as he responds.  When we think of "measuring" something, we are usually speaking of the breadth, width, height, or capacity of that object. It is impossible to truly "measure" something which is limitless, endless, or without beginning or end!  God's wealth, wisdom, and knowledge are simply limitless, endless, and without beginning or end!

Most of us can appreciate the fact that when we were younger, we had what seemed like limitless capacity to just go and go and go.  It was like we were able to accomplish a million things in a day and never run out of steam.  Now, as we might have a couple more decades or more upon us, we have slowed a bit, haven't we?  Our capacity has changed because we are just plain not "limitless" in our energy, physical strength, or mental endurance!  In human terms, capacity is determined by ability.  God's ability never changes - this is something we can never forget.  His capacity never grows smaller, nor does it increase - it was and always will be limitless!  Whenever we try to "box God in" by believing we have him all figured out in some way or another, he will certainly reveal himself far outside of that "box".  Why? He doesn't want us to become so "accustomed" to his movements or actions in one area that we miss him totally when he moves or acts in a completely different one!

I play a game on my tablet which requires me to match objects until I clear the board in a maximum amount of moves.  At first, this game didn't challenge me as much as it did once I got past a certain "introductory level".  All of a sudden, the game went from being just a casual way to pass time while waiting in an office to a pretty focused assessment of my skill. As I have discovered, I pass some levels by pure dumb luck!  It isn't because of any strategy that I can take credit for - it is just because the colored objects "fell into" position and created the combinations which I needed!  I didn't do much to actually realize the benefit of the objects I received - they came without me really doing much to obtain them.  In life, some of what we receive is kind of like that - we really didn't do much to obtain whatever we are receiving, but we get all the benefits of whatever it is (God's wealth, wisdom, and knowledge) without having to do much to receive it.

There was one level recently which kept me trying over and over again for almost a month. Lest you think I am some kind of "video game addict", I just enjoy challenging my brain a little with strategy type games.  It keeps my mind sharp and my hand/eye coordination thing going.  This level was almost "too hard" for me.  No matter what the strategy I tried, I always came up with one or two remaining objects I could not get removed.  It was stumping me. You might think I'd give up, but I don't like to be stumped by things I think I can master in life, so I kept on trying.  It took me nearly a month of observing how others had accomplished the feat and then trying it over and over again to finally pass the level.  It wasn't by "pure dumb luck" this time, though.  I employed strategies I learned by watching what others did - something we often do when we are walking closely with Jesus.  We employ the knowledge he has, see the wisdom in the way he moves, and find the spiritual, emotional, and physical wealth in the actions he both takes and refrains from taking.

We serve a limitless God - there is no end to his resources; no breadth to his love we can actually measure; no depth to his grace we can fathom; and no span to his reach we can possibly be outside of.  Putting him in any "box" which says he has to operate in this way or that, perform this or that action, or just be here or there is just not going help us to grow in our appreciation of his limitless power, grace, or love.  Just sayin!


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