About Me

I am a single mother of two grown children, proud grandmother of two energetic boys, and a nurse by profession.

I attended Marin Bible College (now Christian Life International Bible College), graduating in 1984. My passion for sharing the truths contained in the Word of God is my motivation in sharing this blog.  I chose to attend Bible College when I got out of the U.S. Army because I wanted a solid foundation for my life.  I felt a calling in my life to teach the Word of God - not as a "full-time", employed minister of a local church - but in the everyday life experiences of people I come into contact with.

My chosen profession of nursing gives me an excellent opportunity to do both - share the Word of God and minister to the life needs of people at a time when they are in extreme need, pain and sometimes even places of depression and loneliness. The church is not a building we gravitate into on Sundays, but a group of hurting people all finding their way with Christ into new places of liberty and grace.

I am conservative in my beliefs and I use the Word of God as the Plumbline by which I live.  I am far from perfect in my daily walk - but my life is on a solid foundation and my destination is determined in my heart - I am a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  As such, I am an ambassador of his grace.

If I can use one word to describe my life, it would have to be grace - his wonderful, unending, and unconditional grace.  It is his grace that transforms, renewing what sin has corrupted.  If someone asks me to sing the first song that comes to my mind, it is often the hymn, "Amazing Grace".  Kind of old fashioned, I know, but it rings true in my heart.