Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Proclaimed in heaven

I'm homesick—longing for your salvation;
      I'm waiting for your word of hope. 
(Psalm 119:81)

There is a longing of heart that almost causes one to feel faint.  This passionate response is part of the sense of urgency that one has when some condition just MUST be met.  It is the type of urgency that God wants us to have as it applies to him being the center of all we are and all we do.  To faint with longing for the salvation of God, one must:
  • Put their hope in the Word of God - the promises and commandments that give us the certainty of a reliable foundation for our lives.
  • Strain to see the promises contained therein - awaiting with constant awareness that God never makes a promise he will not fulfill.
  • Cling to the principles laid out throughout its pages - even when spiritually exhausted and overwhelmed by the course that we are on, we must learn to cling.
  • Refuse to abandon the truths of God - holding onto them with a tenacity that just won't let go, even when the answer is delayed.
To long for something implies that we yearn for it - there is a desire for that object more than anything else we could consider.  When the heart longs for something (or someone), that becomes the constant object of their attention.  Both conscious and unconscious thought become consumed by the object of our longing.  To cling to something implies that we will adhere to something - because there is constant contact with that which we are clinging to.  No child of God can walk close to God and avoid his Word.  They go hand in hand.  

To those who will long for God, cling to him with passion, and not faint in their pursuit of him, there is a promise that his Word will stand forever.  In other words, every promise contained within will stand true and certain.  Whatever is established in heaven can be enforced on earth.  I would like you to consider this question:
  • What do you know for a certainty is established about you in heaven?
When we can answer that question, we begin to recognize that we have a basis for our lives.  That which is established about us in heaven can be enforced upon this earth.  In other words, if God has established in heaven that we are a new creation (old things passed away, all things becoming new within us), then the fact is that we can enforce that on earth.  We no longer need to be bound by the old (the past) - we are set free to pursue the newness of life that God gives.

The first truth established in heaven about you is that God loves you immensely.  His love is unconditional - no matter what we have done, will do, or are presently doing, his love is reaching out to us.  This truth should cause us a sense of awe when we consider God's faithfulness toward us even when we were (or are) engaged in our sins.  This truth is certain - God loves us.  Whatever is established in heaven is certainly worth establishing on this earth, as well.  Isn't it time that we begin to cling to the truths proclaimed about us in heaven?

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