Saturday, June 18, 2011

Outed by Insight

21 A wise person gets known for insight;
   gracious words add to one's reputation.
(Proverbs 16:21)

It is no secret to some that I frequent the social networking crowd better known as Facebook.  I like to play the games, find joy in reading about what is going on in the lives of my friends, and laugh occasionally at a well-posted joke.  I also find that there are nougats of truth that people sometimes share that make me pause for a moment to consider those words that have been posted.  They evoke thought, but sometimes they also evoke emotion.  We would call this "insight" - the ability to connect with a truth in such a way that in sharing it, that insight impacts the lives of others.

Insight is really the ability to apprehend the TRUE nature of a matter and it is almost always because the individual has what we'd term an "intuitive understanding" of the subject.  They may not have even had to "study hard" to really "get" what it is that they are sharing - there just seems to be a "connection" with the object of their understanding.  I know that I often prayed for ANY form of insight in my calculus class!  That was just one of those math classes where you had to either "get it" or you just simply did not!

Life is kind of like that sometimes.  In some moments you simply "get it", while at other times there is almost a constant struggle to find any meaning, making the idea of "connecting the dots" just plain incomprehensible.  Insight is the ability to "penetrate the surface" - being able to see the true character or the hidden truth.  People who have insight sometimes make others uncomfortable - because they think that individual is able to "read them like a book"!   

The ability to discern truth - ferreting out the insignificant from the facts - is sometimes frightening for someone who is constantly trying to hide behind the falsehood of a well-kept facade!  Yet, in moments of despair, where does that one who is hiding behind that well-kept facade often turn?  You got it!  To the one who has insight.  Why is that?  It stems from understanding the second part of the verse - because they are known for their gracious words.  The person of insight can bring "truth" to the surface, but does it in such a way that there is "grace" in the truth.

That is probably why we are drawn to these individuals and to their words so often - because they are filled with grace!  Grace is simply unmerited favor - being able to connect truth in such a way that even when "blame" might be called for, grace is extended.  Surround yourself with these type of individuals and you will learn much.   

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