Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The purpose of the hammer - Part IV

29 Is not my word like fire, declares the LORD, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?
(Jeremiah 23:29)

Our fourth purpose of a hammer has a little different meaning.  The use of a weapon, such as a pistol, requires the "hammer" to connect with the firing pin, thus igniting the cartridge that will force the projectile from the barrel of the weapon.  As the hammer is "cocked" back, it is poised for release.  Once released, the series of actions produced has astronomical results!

The same is true of the Word of God.  The fact is, the Word is "poised" to bring about a series of responses within us that ignite us and propel us into action.  There is always something within us that has the potential of "explosion" if it is ignited by the right connections.  The Word has a way of making that connection that aligns all the parts so as to bring about an "ignition" within.

When something is ignited, it is brought to the place of "excitement" - there is action in the connection.  The Word cannot help but produce a little "heat" within us.  The Word is often likened to a fire - that which has the potential of producing intense heat!  That which is ignited by the "hammer" of the Word is moved to respond to the "heat" that is produced.

That which is ignited requires kindling to continue its work.  It is not sufficient that the firing pin hits the head of the bullet - there must be a propellant source within that bullet in order to force the bullet from the barrel of the weapon.  That is the purpose of the "gun powder" within the bullet - it acts as that which puts into motion the lead projectile we have come to know as the bullet!  The Word of God, combined with the kindling power of the Holy Spirit, does just that - it creates a powerful force that causes us to not be contained within the confines of our former condition any longer.

The Word, and the Holy Spirit, send us into action - but the action began with the hammer.  The bullet is in a "dormant" state until the series of connections begins to take place.   Each and every "change" within our lives is a series of connections perfectly orchestrated.  One connection produces the next, and so on, until the desired action begins to occur.  God rarely allows us to have unrealized potential for very long - he moves us into action - sometimes in "rapid fire" succession!

The purpose of the hammer is to make "connection" - the purpose of the connection is to produce action.  The purpose of the action is to connect with the target.  The target is always before us - the actions required to hit that target are dormant within us.   If you have never heard it said, the real meaning for "sin" in the Bible is "missing the mark" or "missing the target".  It is the Word of God that begins the process of us "hitting the target".