Monday, July 4, 2011

Making good!

God delivers generous love, he makes good on his word. 
(Psalm 57:3)

I latched onto something this morning as I was reading from the Psalms - David's absolutely trust in God's love and his faithfulness to turn to God when he was in a place of trial.  David is attributed the "compliment" in Scripture of being a man after God's own heart.  I daresay that there is no higher "compliment" or "attribute of acclaim" that carries such an importance as that.

David sums up his trust for God in this statement above - God delivers...he makes good.  These two key understandings on David's part are what hold him together in tough times.  He has come to experience the generosity of a God that gives out of a heart without "strings attached".  David is aware that God has a "readiness" to his giving and that he also has a "liberality" in that giving.

He is ready to give - even before the words are spoken acknowledging the need, God stands read to meet the need.  In the previous chapter, David has spent some time setting up the various aspects of God's care for him.  There have been "hurricane" experiences - enemies galore, manipulating relationships, untrustworthy alliances, and treacherous treks.  In each circumstance, he has experienced the generous "readiness" of God to rescue, promote, heal, and provide. 

He is liberal in his giving - there is no "half-way" with God.  He goes all the way in his love - even to the sacrifice of his own Son.  We don't "get" that kind of liberality in love - it is foreign to most of us.  We are "strings attached" kind of people - you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.  God is just the opposite - you sin, I'll redeem.  You turn your back, I'll still be there.  You fail, I'll rescue.

David stood in a place of trust - aware of the goodness of his Redeemer.  He stood in a place of awe - amazed at the consistency of the great I AM.  He relishes the place of safety - knowing that God's banner of love covered his life at every turn.  Two things about God stood out to David repeatedly in his writings - he generously loves, and and always makes good on his word.  Want a heart after God's - then we'd do well to learn these things, too.

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