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Oh, Stately Billy Goat!

I had to chuckle when I read a passage this morning.  Did you ever think God a little comical in what he records in scripture?  Sometimes you come across something you know is really not "comical", but when you see it, you cannot help yourself - you laugh!  Yep....that's what happened when I came across the portion of scripture which described a billy goat as a "solemn dignitary"!

29-31 There are three solemn dignitaries, four that are impressive in their bearing—a lion, king of the beasts, deferring to none; a rooster, proud and strutting; a billy goat; a head of state in stately procession.  
(Proverbs 30:29-31) come on...did you ever consider a billy goat as a "solemn dignitary" of the barnyard?  I got the whole king of beasts lion thing and even the rooster strutting his stuff - but the billy goat???

As is often the case, I laugh first, then consider what I laughed at!  Think about the goat.  First, he is pretty sure on his feet.  I have tried to move one or two in my time...if they don't wanna move, there is a whole lot effort to get them moved!  What God may have been trying to show me in this passage is to be "solid" in my footing - grounded well.

Second, the billy goat is pretty "unaffected" by the goings on around them.  We have a petting zoo in our city zoo.  Whenever I observe these animals, I see lots of little kids, some pulling at the horns of the goats, others trying to convince them to let them touch their noses.  There they stand...seemingly unaffected by the noise, the hub-bub of the moment.  Maybe this is what God intended when he presents the billy goat as an impressive creature - the ability to not be swayed by the chaos.  I think God may be talking to all of us here!

Next, the goat is pretty resourceful in its finding of food!  I have observed the goats going quickly to the ones whose parents were kind enough to purchase the 25 cent feed from the machine.  They seem to make a beeline to the ones with the food so tightly grasped in their wee hands.  Amazingly - they know where to look!  My hands are always empty - I just want to pet them.  When they are hungry - they want more than a pat on the back!  They have a way of tapping the resources available to them!  Perhaps this is what God had in mind when he called the billy goat an dignitary!  

The next time we want to laugh at something God "labels" as worthy of the status of "dignitary", perhaps we'd do well to consider what God might have to show us when we take time to really observe the one he "labels"!  I bear many labels - "mom", "daughter", "employee", "friend".  The most important label I hope to wear is "faithful one".  Solid in my footing, unaffected by the hub-bub of the hour, and resourceful in finding my sustenance!  How about you?


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