Thursday, August 2, 2012

Taunting crows

I observed an eagle in full flight while on vacation.  As it sailed high over the waters of Birch Bay, it looked so majestic.  Soon, it landed atop a giant expanse of a towering tree.  Two trees with equal stature awaited the eagle.  Both were side by side - yet he chose one over the other.  In a short time, three large crows began to flap their wings, dive at the head of the eagle and were raising all kinds of a ruckus about his presence in "their" tree.  

Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.  For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  (Ephesians 6:10-12 NLT)

It was quite a display of determination on the part of those crows.  Obviously, the eagle had perched too close to something of value to the crows.  They were prepared to fight the eagle - a bird who made lunch of their kind!  Yet, no amount of their flamboyant display of protest fazed the eagle.  he simply perched, watching the sea in front of him, and remained unaffected by the many distractions the crows were attempting to create.

I wonder how things would turn out if we'd face the "cawing crows" a little like the eagle?  When life sends in the noisy, annoying, and almost taunting "crows", I wonder how many of us face the "challenges" they afford in as stalwart and determined manner as the eagle?  If we are honest, it is probably just the opposite - we get all caught up in their "display" and are distracted from our original purpose!

The eagle had a purpose for choosing the vantage point he did.  He did not avoid the crows - but sat down right in their "territory".  God has a purpose for giving us the vantage point we posses in Christ.  From high atop our "perch" in his care, we see clearly the thing which can only serve to get in our way otherwise!

The eagle had focus which kept him from being influence by the annoyances of the crows.  His placement in the tree was at the top - why?  To give him the ability to focus.  When we determine to go to new heights in Christ, we will find ourselves in a place where we get noticed - often by the "cawing crows"!  Our goal may not have been to be noticed, but trust me, we get noticed!  Maybe not by the ones we hoped to be noticed by!

The eagle got noticed - and those crows were determined to keep him from maintaining that perch very long.  They wanted him to take flight - to get off the perch - to be in constant activity.  I think this may be a ploy o four enemy.  He wants us out of the high places with God - because he knows what we will clearly see from this vantage point!  He wants us constantly at activity - not enjoying the sweetness of repose in the heights of God's care.

His purpose in it all is to distract or redirect us.  There is no greater tactic than the distraction of the "loudest" thing encircling us right now.  Just as the crows encircled the eagle and allowed their voices to rise in a cacophony of annoying caws, so our enemy uses the tactic of the "loud" and "louder" to distract us.  The crows could have sat down next to the eagle on a neighboring branch - taunting with their obnoxious crowing.  But...they chose to dive-bomb the eagle.  They flew in this direction and that, turning abruptly to swoop in on the eagle.  Our enemy is a lot like the crows - not really content to just sit by and hurl a few accusations our way.  he encircles us, attacking from many fronts, swooping in as he might, hoping one of these attacks will be the one to dislodge us from the "perch" we enjoy in Christ.

Although loud and obnoxious, the crows failed to keep the eagle's attention for long.  Instead, he rested until he was ready to rise to new height.  Soaring free, unencumbered by any cares at all - he flew high above the taunting, enjoying the new heights he now pursued.  I wonder what might happen if we'd listen less to the distractions of the "cawing crows" and their "taunting tactics" and focus more on reaching new heights in Christ?  Just sayin....

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