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More than another study

We sometimes desire wisdom, but then we don't always know where to find it. We search for it in the weirdest places.  I have known some folks who go to this "seer of truth" or that "psychic" in order to get "wisdom" for some big decisions they are about to make.  Others use a "so what do you think" kind of query among their group of friends to see what the majority consensus might come out to be and then they act upon it.  Still others consult "spiritual guides" of some sort or another, all the while believing these individual possess even greater wisdom than they have access to themselves.  Either way, these methods of making wise decisions are just not going to quite cut it.  Wisdom comes from one source - truth.  There is but one source of truth - God himself. If this is the case, then every other method of seeking truth or wisdom is going to fall way short of whatever God has in mind for our lives.

Lord, your rules are wonderful. That is why I follow them. As people understand your word, it brings light to their lives. Your word makes even simple people wise. (Psalm 119:129-130 ERV)

As people understand God's Word, it brings light to their lives.  It is capable of making even the simple (those who just don't have much "smarts" in most people's eyes) wise.  I don't know about you, but that speaks volumes to me. I have met some very gifted, well-educated individuals in this lifetime who absolutely can dazzle me with their knowledge in certain areas of study.  My best friend never ceases to amaze me when we are admiring a flower, bush, tree, or the like on some of our trips and she comes up with the name of it!  I just know it is pretty!  I like the color, enjoy the texture, or delight in the shade of the sprawling branches.  She can even tell me the medicinal value of these plants.  I never knew that rose hips tea actually came from this bulb looking thing on a particular type of rose bush, nor did I know it was high in vitamin C. She has studied this stuff and I admire her wisdom in knowing how certain herbs and essential oils all work together to produce some wonderful effects.  I am just one of those individual who gravitates to things which smell good to me, often bringing some manner of rest or satisfaction to my body through the delight my senses experience when smelling them.

One area of "study" where the playing field is "level" for all individuals is that of studying God's word with the intention of gaining understanding of the truth contained within those pages.  If anything "equalizes" each of us, it would be truth.  Nothing can be added to it, nor taken away from it.  You cannot know more just because you get a degree.  You come into the understanding of God's word because you spend time getting to know it - and the one who actually spoke those words!  It isn't about the "study" as much as it is about the relationship which is nurtured when we consider the words he has recorded for our blessing, exhortation, insight, and correction.  Sometimes we approach taking time to get into the Word as though it were a "study" - even calling it "Bible Study".  I don't know about you, but I have learned way more about my friends when I took time to just hang out with them, doing the things they delight in doing, and finding out how they move, think, respond, etc.  I don't know as much about them because I read some "These are my favorite colors, foods, and TV shows" questionnaire we fill out!

I study people - because people are interesting!  I take time to observe their behaviors - because they are all so varied and sometimes totally unpredictable. I just hang with them and allow that time we have together to just bring us closer together.  I don't do it to become a master in human behavior - but to learn how to speak their love language, anticipate their ups and downs, and just plain delight in the stuff they find amusing, uplifting, and encouraging.  God doesn't want us "hanging" with him to become "masters" of his theology, but to become passionately engaged in the things which matter to him.  He speaks truth to us because truth is the only thing capable of bringing light where darkness dwells.  After all, isn't that why we want light - to dispel some element of darkness in our souls?  God's Word isn't about theological rules, but intimate exchange between God and those he loves with an undying love like no other we could ever experience.  Rather than be consumed with the "study" of it, why not let it begin to soak into the recesses of your heart much like the laughter of a close friend brings delight to your dreary day!  Just sayin!


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