Friday, August 7, 2015

Nope, it isn't flat after all!

If you find yourself drawn toward truth it is probably because of the "sheltering effect" of it.  Truth has a way of spreading a covering over your lives which just kind of "blankets" you in a way opinion or untruth would never be able to. Putting your faith or trust in an umbrella riddled with holes to shelter you from the sun or keep you dry in a rain storm is equivalent to putting your faith in opinion or something which is only half a truth.  Truth is the only sure thing which will provide that shelter - that "full covering".

You can trust this: Every word that God speaks is true. God is a safe place for those who go to him. So don’t try to change what God says. If you do, he will punish you and prove that you are a liar. (Proverbs 30:5-6 ERV)

Every word that God speaks is true.  This is undeniable - and it is unchangeable. Any attempt to discount his truth with any other belief is kind of like adding dirt to a pure stream of water.  The bulk of the stream remains uncontaminated, but because there is now a little bit of dirt in that stream water, it is contaminated by that which was added.  This is why opinion is a dangerous thing in the Christian church - we can expect the first bit of "water" from the stream to taste all right, but the more "dirt" which gets flung into the stream in the form of the opinions of the masses, and you soon have an opportunity for truth to no longer be clear.

One of the reasons God is a safe place for us to go to in our times of trouble and need is because he speaks and stands upon truth - uncompromising in his word, unyielding in his intent, and unchanged in his thinking.  God is the only "constant" in an ever-changing world.  Therefore, his shelter is found to continually be secure due to this unchangeable nature he possesses.  Whether his words are those of comfort, or warning - they are a shelter for those who will embrace them.  God often gave warning to those who might not be keeping on with the things he said would bring safety and security into their lives - not so much to "scare them into acting right", but because he didn't ever want us to embrace the opinion of man as the basis of how we live.

An opinion is a belief one holds which has some basis of truth, but lacks sufficient evidence to really be trustworthy.  Complete certainty is not possible because you don't really know for sure what is totally contained within opinion. It is like us taking a drink from the stream with dirt flung into it - the water might appear "okay" because we don't see immediate evidence of the impurity. Consume it and you might just find that small impurity begins to wreak havoc in your body.  What was not fully appreciated in the appearance of the water becomes apparent in the consumption of it.  Truth "tainted" with any form of opinion has much the same effect.

We have a bad habit of attempting to change what God says in order to make it fit what we think we need it to say in our lives.  This is an age-old problem since the time of Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden.  That serpent didn't present truth - but twisted the words to give a meaning totally unintended by God. If we know the issue with trying to "warp" God's Word into the mold we want it to fit has been around all this time, wouldn't you think we'd do a much better job of applying some "filters" to avoid doing this?  In actuality, due to the lack of "applied filters" down through the ages, what one generation tolerates as their "version" of the truth becomes even more twisted by the next generation.  

Someone had to challenge the belief that the world was flat and you'd fall off the end of the waters if you sailed too far to the "ends of the earth".  No one really knew for certain if the world was flat at the time, so when the first brave souls began to sail those seas and explore those uncharted lands, they challenged the "norms" of the day.  Their journey was likely made all that more rewarding when they finally discovered there were no ends to the earth - but that it indeed ended where it began and started all over again.  Our journey is indeed made all the more rewarding whenever we set out to challenge the "norms" of the day and become determined to find truth in our lives!  Just sayin!

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