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Wisdom is more than the discovery of "a" truth

Wisdom and understanding are frequently sought in places where they truly cannot be discovered.  I like watching some of the shows which are based on individuals being in high places of importance - like when someone portrays the President or the Secretary of State or the position of Chief of Police.  You observe them searching, considering, attempting to take all the facts and then distill them down into some form of usable information with which they may make a decision.  Their main quest is to make a decision based on sound judgment and good "counsel".  The individual is surrounded with input, but they have to sift through it as though it were not all important to find that which is the most important.  Then they focus on that - making their decisions on this one piece of information.  Why?  It has been deemed reliable, trustworthy, sound-enough to be the foundation of what they suppose will be what leads them to accomplish their mission - whether it is to defend the free world or arrest the criminal evading justice.  We aren't operating on much different of a plane when it comes to the discovery of true wisdom - for their is a huge clamor of "stuff" which claims to all be very important and significant for our lives, but it isn't until we sift through it that we come to that which "makes the cut" to truly be relied upon.

He has stored up the essentials of sound wisdom for those who do right; He acts as a shield for those who value integrity. God protects the paths of those who pursue justice,  watching over the lives of those who keep faith with Him. With this wisdom you will be able to choose the right road, seek justice, and decide what is good and fair because wisdom will penetrate deep within and knowledge will become a good friend to your soul.  (Proverbs 2:7-10 VOICE)

God's voice isn't hard to hear, but the voices around us make it a little more complex!  As this proverb so aptly puts it - God isn't stingy with his wisdom.  In fact, he stands at the ready to share it with those who will sift through all the other voices around them to find his true wisdom.   True knowledge and insight are prepared for us - we just have to discover them.  A book on a shelf is a pretty addition to our decor.  Once it is removed from the shelf, opened, and the pages are read, the book takes on a different meaning - it tells us a story. God's Word isn't much different - it is meant to be discovered - counting on it to tell us the "story" we most need to hear in order to sort through the present issues of life.

There is a store of wisdom for those who would seek it - but the discovery isn't by our own effort alone.  It has been prepared in advance of the time we'd need it - through the grace of God.  It has to be discovered - uncovered as though it were a precious jewel.  This is honestly why I enjoy the Word so much - every time I go to its pages there is discovery of a new treasure I can now call my own.  One thing about seeking - there are a lot of places we can "seek", but the discovery may not be the same!  There are a lot of books which proclaim to be "sound teaching", but they don't actually make the cut.  There are a lot of religions who proclaim to have "another gospel", but anything which proclaims to add to, or take away from, the one true gospel of Christ is really not truth.

Wisdom helps us choose the right road.  If we are lost on a journey, don't we turn to the landmarks we know to be true?  We know that mountain range is positioned to the north and the river runs east to west.  We find our orientation in perspective to those landmarks. They are to be trusted because they don't move.  I wonder why we find it so easy to trust the landmarks of nature when we are lost, but find it so difficult to trust the truth laid out in scripture as the landmarks of wisdom which are put there to help us sort through life's troubles and difficult decisions?  Why is it we need any "other gospel" to help us with these decisions or to act as those landmarks in our lives?  I think it may be because we haven't truly discovered the landmarks contained within God's Word!

Wisdom intervenes when justice is about to be violated - it brings clarity to what is truly "just".  Whenever we are faced with choices, there is one which is usually a little better than another.  We may have an apple and an orange in our lunch bag today.  Both are good choices, but one may actually draw us to it quicker than the other.  It isn't because the apple or the orange has any magical power over us, but because our body is seeking some form of nourishment it needs.  It is like we are drawn to what we have need of the most.  If our mind constantly overrode our inner voice, we'd come to deny what is right and just for our lives more frequently than we'd imagine possible.  Why?  Our minds get caught up in whatever seems to be reasonable - even if it isn't right!  We don't want "reasonable" - we want "right" when it comes to living just and pursuing justice in this life.

Wisdom penetrates where other "voices" cannot - to the joints and marrow, so to speak. In this sense, we want wisdom to take the "upper hand" in our lives - to lead us in the discovery of truth, to guide us in the pursuit of justice, and to hold us close when our souls would be tempted to seek any other path.  Just sayin!


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