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Rewrite underway

“It is a great blessing when people are forgiven for the wrongs they have done, when their sins are erased!  It is a great blessing when the Lord accepts people as if they are without sin!” Psalm 32:1-2

As if they are without sin - these words set all things right in our lives because grace makes a way for all things to be set right. What a blessing indeed - to have mind, spirit, soul and body made right by the power of grace. I have often spoken of what erasure means - the process of removing what once was so it no longer exists. If we were to do the erasure, we might leave telltale signs of the former state - images of once was hanging around to affect what we now are. The truth of the matter is that God uses a much more reliable eraser than we do!

The beauty of it all is that God accepts us as if we never sinned. As if we never did...did you get that? It isn't that he knows and remembered our sins, just overlooking them because of the blood of Jesus. It is that he sees us as NEVER HAVING SINNED! The telltale reminders of sin are not there in how he sees us, so maybe we might want him to help us see ourselves as he does!

I went hiking a lot this week while on a short trip away. It was great to be out in the beauty of the forest, so still blanketed in the white snow cover. Snow has a way of hiding - taking out of view what once was. The stuff is just concealed though. It doesn't really change what is underneath it. Sure, it affects the stuff buried under it for months on end, but the stuff is still there come thaw.

I think we sometimes see God's grace as a blanket of snow - just hiding what is still there. Grace isn't just a covering. It is a removal and renewal package deal! Grace removes the junk, but it goes beyond just removing sin, it makes provision for what is we need and desire in our lives. We might get the removal or erasing part of grace a little easier than we get the renewal process though. We don't appreciate the intended purpose of a clean slate. It has been prepared to have something new written upon that slate!

Grace isn't just an erasure process - it is a rewriting of the story of our lives from and through the eyes of grace himself! Just sayin!


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