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What's your HQ?

Albert Einstein was believed to be one of the smartest individuals of modern times, yet he said of himself, "It is not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." I'd have to ask you about how long it would be before you'd "bail" on a problem at hand. For some, that answer is easy - immediately! For others, it might be there is a little hesitation to bail, but eventually you will because you just don't like the pressure. For me - - - the problem helps to give definition to the journey. I think I am a little like Einstein (not in his smarts or IQ) - I like the solving of the problem. Things niggle in my brain long enough until I find there comes a clarity or solution that might not have been seen or appreciated before. It is often this "niggling time" that creates a desperation that drives us to consider the problem at hand in a new light - to see it perhaps from God's perspective and not just our own.

When people choose to follow the Lord, he shows them the best way to live. They will enjoy good things, and their children will get the land God promised. The Lord tells his secrets to his followers. He teaches them about his agreement. I always look to the Lord for help. Only he can free me from my troubles. (Psalm 25:12-15 ERV)

Did you realize Einstein is listed as the sixth (6th) smartest person of all time? Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, and even Leonardo De Vinci had an IQ higher than Einstein! As a matter of fact, De Vinci takes the #1 spot in the top 20! It doesn't matter what our mind's IQ is, it matters what our "heart quotient" (HQ) is - for where the heart is solidly committed, the mind will follow. The heart is almost always what helps us determine if we will stick with the problem long enough for God to reveal the answers. If the heart is willing, the flesh may be a little weaker than we'd like, but eventually the flesh catches up to the heart!

If you haven't figured this out yet, there are times when the things in your heart aren't always what God wants. It could just be the troubles or problems we are experiencing are a way of us seeing something within us that we didn't actually realize dwelt in such a privileged place in our lives. The heart is really a place of privilege, because it drives our passion, fuels our curiosity, opens our intellect, and creates our destination - for where the heart goes, the mind will follow. The higher our "HQ", the better our chances are of actually moving beyond the problem and into the solution God holds out for us.

Martin Luther reminds us that whatever it is our hearts cling to, they will also confide in - that thing is their god (or their God). If it is anything less than God himself, the problems are still going to niggle us for a long time to come. Just sayin!


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