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Shut 'em down

Airspace is referred to as the air available for an airplane to fly in, but it is usually subject to some rules because it is over a particular country or area that is 'maintained' and 'governed' by that ruler or a group of rulers. Airspace can also be that 'space' in your life where you either allow others into or not. You may allow them into that space, but with orders to exercise 'caution' as to where they go or what they bring into that airspace. You may not allow others into that 'space' because you have already determined them or what they bring with them to be of 'dangerous intent'. We need to guard our 'airspace' carefully and always be alert to what is attempting to get into it!

A person who talks sense is honored; airheads are held in contempt. (Proverbs 12:8 The Message)

Airheads often speak without thinking - just blurting out whatever will "stimulate" the senses of anyone who is in hearing distance. They don't care about the "shock-factor" of their words - indeed, they may even strive to accomplish some 'wow factor' by their words! In the good old days, the term "airhead" used to refer to the "airspace" the enemy occupied in order to do air drops of more troops or supplies into the midst of the fight. Stop long enough to consider this definition in light of what our proverb is reminding us about and this might just give us an interesting perspective on what an "airhead" really does? They are actually putting more "resources" into the fight - they come into the airspace to lend more ammo!

Don't get me wrong, sometimes we need to hear something which will stir us up from our place of slumber or apathy. Airheads may begin this process by bringing some type of 'disturbance' into our airspace, but if all we listen to is their ranting we will soon be drifting into the negativity of the masses. Look at what God describes as their fate - they are held in contempt. In other words, there words soon come to be viewed as worthless. They speak, but nobody really pays them any mind - not really. The sad part of this is we don't realize the "airspace" they are given in the first place is what opens the doors for them to gain a stronghold! They didn't have access until we gave it to them!

On the other hand, we are reminded about the person who "talks sense". There is something about trying to talk to an "airhead" - someone who packs a huge punch, setting everyone on full alert - we must learn from this passage. First, we control their "airspace" - we don't need to give them an inch! If we control what we allow to be spoken in our "airspace", we control what can gain "influence" in our minds. Second, we don't need to give credence to everything that is spoken - we need to check it out first! The words were spoken to make an "impact" - pure and simple. The "impact" may leave a crater the size of the Grand Canyon if we give too much credence to those 'ammo' words!

Most of the time the best defense is a good offense. We often think we cannot "counter" the words of the "airhead" with anything that will impact the situation in a positive sense - and at first blush we may be right. Their words just hang there like stale air. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to "eliminate" the "bad air" with some "good air" of our own! The best defense is a good offense - the best offense is the Word of God. Nothing shuts down the "ammo" of the airhead any quicker than the gentle reply of one "tempered" by the Word of God. I am not saying you quote a scripture, but you let the scripture "temper" your response - so it is in gentleness, love, kindness, and with boldness. In turn, you almost "close off" the airhead's "airspace". Just some thoughts on dealing with an airhead today! Just sayin!


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