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Not just another "Super-Hero"

Back in the day, when black and white TV was the norm and families with colored TVs were considered to be on the wealthier side of humanity, there was one cartoon I used to love to watch. I would work to get any chores done just in time to catch "Mighty Mouse". Tiny mouse, red cape, yellow shirt and pants, streaming through the air to bring justice and right all that went wrong in the world. A 'super-hero' of tiny proportions, but 'super' in the eyes of this child. Bear with me for just a moment while I recap the theme song of this cartoon: 
Mister Trouble never hangs around
When he hears this Mighty sound.
"Here I come to save the day"
That means that Mighty Mouse is on his way.
Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right
Mighty Mouse will join the fight.
On the sea or on the land,
He gets the situation well in hand.
Now, let's remember this was a cartoon series featuring a mouse with 'super-powers'. He wasn't some real super-hero, but his theme song sounds a little like this passage from the Book of Isaiah:

Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will give you strength, and for sure I will help you. Yes, I will hold you up with My right hand that is right and good. See, all those who are angry with you will be put to shame and troubled. Those who fight against you will be as nothing and will be lost. You will look for those who argue with you, but will not find them. Those who war against you will be as nothing, as nothing at all. For I am the Lord your God Who holds your right hand, and Who says to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I will help you.’ (Isaiah 41:10-13)

If we can get enthused with a 'super-hero' of 'imaginative proportions', how come we have such a hard time believing God will do what he says he will do with his TRUE super-powers? God doesn't wear a red cape, nor do we see him streaming through the air, con-trail following behind. Yet, he is always 'on the spot' when trouble comes our way. He is already 'on the scene' of your present need, but perhaps we don't recognize him there because we are expecting a 'red cape' kind of super-hero!

I am the Lord YOUR God who holds your right hand, and who says to YOU, "Do not be afraid. I will help you." Let those words sink in just a moment or two. Go ahead, reread them a few times, and even say them our loud. I emphasized a few of those words so you would say them a little differently - because I know God needs you to hear he is YOUR God and he is holding YOUR right hand - he is speaking these words to YOU because he wants you to be assured he is YOUR help in times of trouble. I think we might just believe God has more important matters on his mind at times, forgetting that he is right there to 'save the day' like no other would or could. We just don't ask - nor do we look with expectation - for his intervention.

Mighty Mouse always came because those in need made it known that they were in need. I never really realized that until I was an adult thinking back on those cartoons, but any super-hero of that era was always 'summoned' by a call for help. Batman's cave was equipped with a bat-phone, making him aware of a cruel villain's attempt to harm someone or something. That little shoeshine boy nobody suspected of any super-powers would hear of the impending doom brought on by some villain, ducking into the little telephone booth, he would emerge transformed as the mighty Under-Dog. Speeding into action to right the wrongs, these super-heroes captured our hearts and entertained our minds. If a simple cartoon of old could do these two things, why is it so hard for God to capture our heart and to be central in our minds? Just askin?


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