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Your calling has found you

I think we sense some form of 'longing' for success, but more than that we crave something that will be lasting and have a great significance in this world. We all want to understand our genuine calling in this world so we can understand what will give great significance and be of lasting meaning on this earth - but more than that - we want to know what we do that will be of significance into eternity. To be called means we have more than a general knowledge of what we are to be doing - it means we sense we have a deeper purpose in this world. We would all like the scriptures to declare plainly what our 'calling' is in this lifetime. Calling is about who you are, not so much what we do. God wants us to be in relationship with him, then he will ask us to do something - it isn't the other way around. I think we get this confused - we think we have to do something, but we forget that all calling begins with living a holy life.

"I am being held in prison because of working for the Lord. I ask you from my heart to live and work the way the Lord expected you to live and work." (Ephesians 4:1)

What and who we are 'becoming' - set apart believers who enter into the rest of Christ and the passion of his holiness - is to be our primary focus on this earth. We are to become like Jesus - then the things we begin to do will have significance, no matter how 'insignificant' they may seem. We aren't 'called' to a career - we are called into relationship. We get this backwards most of the time, believing rather that we need to focus on what our career should be in this world. While it is important to understand our career choice, we have lots more than a career in this world. Who we are is much more important than what it is we do for a career. Guess what, even being a mom or dad, friend or associate - these are callings, but they aren't who we are! We are the chosen of God - children of the Most High King of the Universe. 

When we focus on our relationship with Jesus, we begin to realize how it is we are 'called' into these various other relationships and 'things' we are doing on this earth. I think this is what Jesus had in mind when he reminded us to 'put first the Kingdom of God'. When we come to Christ, an exchange of heart occurs. The hardness of our sinful heart begins to be replaced with the humble and pliable heart of Christ. We have an exchange of our very core make-up. We might want to think that didn't change who we are on this earth, but it changes everything! We think we will do important things because of our capacity, talents, or skills, but trust me on this one - - - God uses these, but they aren't as essential to the 'important things' we will do as it is to remember Christ is the one who is at the center of our lives.

Whatever is at the center will have the greatest impact on the whole. You cannot 'do' more in your talent or ability than you can by keeping the right 'who' at the center of your life. That is why I emphasize keeping Christ central in our lives so frequently. We need that time in relationship with him, so we will serve with integrity, live generously, and share the greatness of his love with others. The 'who' will make all the difference in whatever it is we 'do' in this world. Don't focus on the 'do' - focus on the 'who' and you will be empowered like never before. Just sayin!


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