There I go again

God did not keep His own Son for Himself but gave Him for us all. Then with His Son, will He not give us all things? (Romans 8:32)

Do you have anyone in your life who always hesitates to ask God for things they really, really want? Are you that person? There are times when I think we all hesitate a little to 'ask' God for things because we think we are not supposed to bother him with these piddly concerns, or that they are too 'secular' for us to be asking God for them. The truth of the matter is that everything in our life matters to God - even if all we want is the right size tire for our vehicle to be on sale when we next need to replace them. God isn't going to reject our requests because they are 'too secular'. He wants us to use our common sense with things like purchasing new tires, but he also doesn't get put off by us asking him to help us find the best deal around. Nothing is too 'out there' or 'out of bounds' for us to ask him. Nothing!

Some folks want to treat God like some big genie in the sky, telling him they want this or that, then expecting it to just 'appear' at the blink of any eye. This isn't what I am referencing when I say God wants us to ask him for the things we have need of in our lives. God doesn't mind us asking him for the new tire deal, but he also doesn't mind us asking him to lead us into good relationships that will help us to grow, solidly based churches that will teach the Word of God well, and even for the wisdom to make the right purchases. Nothing is too small for God - nor is anything too big. If we think God will 'limit us' to just certain types of conversations with him, we are wrong. God wants us to discuss life with him - even the things we need or want.

We are correct to remember God is not a genie in the sky, but if our motives are pure, no request is out of the scope of what we should be discussing with him. Herein is our dilemma - do we know if our motives are pure? Let me just assure you of this one fact - God knows! If we are asking for things that will bring harm into our lives because our motives are a little less than pure in asking, we can be confident God will reveal our motives. There are times when despite this revealing of our motives, we just plunge ahead hoping for the best. There are times when God allows us to follow our own stubborn desires, but not because he doesn't care. He cares deeply - he just sees we are not really willing to listen.

In Christ, we receive all things. It is our own sinful nature that somehow messes with the 'goodness' of what it is we are seeking in life. We don't always seek the right stuff as is evident by some of the stuff we have reaped over the years. It isn't that God didn't provide something better in and through Christ, it is that we rejected what he provided in embracing what it is we wanted more than what he showed us we really needed. It is a fine line we walk - choosing our own way instead of waiting until God helps us come around to see his way is better. There is the rub - waiting and in the waiting - learning obedience. In the waiting, our willfulness is often revealed. So, it isn't wrong to ask God for 'things' or 'stuff' we want in life - it is wrong to plunge ahead without considering his answer! Just sayin!


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