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And now this...

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. 
(Eleanor Roosevelt)

What does this 'new day' bring for you? It isn't a loaded question, I am simply asking us to consider what new strength or new thoughts may come today. I discovered quite some time ago that my thoughts do a lot to influence my physical, emotional, and even my spiritual strength. What I choose to dwell upon when I go to sleep at night can 'color' my rest with either delightful ease and refreshment, or unease and feelings of greater weariness when I rise. Our thoughts actually encompass us and often determine the strength with which we will face each hurdle that comes. Someone once told me it is hard to escape your thoughts and I think they were right. Our thoughts permeate everything we do - even our rest.

This is the reason we do not give up. Our human body is wearing out. But our spirits are getting stronger every day. (2 Corinthians 4:16)

Our human bodies are indeed wearing out. I played hooky last Wednesday and went up to the Rim Country to take in some nature and fishing with my BFF. It was delightful being in the outdoors, but at altitudes I am not used to exerting myself in and after some hot months that didn't let me get out to take long walks or enjoy bike rides, my body was a little 'deconditioned' for the trails. I enjoyed them, but I took them at a much slower pace than I would usually take them! My body wasn't keeping up with my mind because my mind told me I could climb the peaks and traverse the valleys - my body told me I needed to sit down and admire the scenery!

One thing I can count on as other things in my life are 'wearing out' is that my spirit isn't getting weaker. In fact, it is growing stronger as time goes on. I find I am 'comfortable' in my own skin, enjoying life a little bit more, and just content to be a child loved deeply by God. I don't know about you, but that definitely makes up for the parts that are wearing out! Regardless of our age, we need new strength for our day - pure thoughts to guide our actions. Throughout the day, my mind is bombarded by hundreds and hundreds of 'influencing thoughts'. I hear this or that on the radio and away go my thoughts. I see an ad on the TV and away go my thoughts. I listen to a song and away go my thoughts. I overhear a conversation and away go my thoughts. Our thoughts are always 'on the move', if you know what I mean.

If our thoughts are constantly on the move, how do we get them to stop for a while so we can actually enjoy a little 'mind rest'? I think it comes when we re-center our thoughts on what matters. God wasn't telling me I couldn't take the trails last week, he was asking me to just sit and enjoy what he had made. He reminded me of his infilling breath as I listened to the gentle breezes through the tall pines. He delighted me by bringing the wee chipmunk to my side, eager to have just one piece of my lunch. He captured my attention and began to renew my spirit when he focused me on the stump with roots wrapped tight around boulders that should have made the tree's growth impossible. God is always ready to renew our thoughts. We just need to be willing to slow down enough to have both our strength and thoughts renewed! Just sayin!


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