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Under God

Pushed to the wall, I called to God; from the wide open spaces, he answered. God’s now at my side and I’m not afraid; who would dare lay a hand on me? God’s my strong champion; I flick off my enemies like flies. Far better to take refuge in God than trust in people; Far better to take refuge in God than trust in celebrities. Hemmed in by barbarians, in God’s name I rubbed their faces in the dirt; Hemmed in and with no way out, in God’s name I rubbed their faces in the dirt; Like swarming bees, like wild prairie fire, they hemmed me in; in God’s name I rubbed their faces in the dirt. I was right on the cliff-edge, ready to fall, when God grabbed and held me. God’s my strength, he’s also my song, and now he’s my salvation. Hear the shouts, hear the triumph songs in the camp of the saved? “The hand of God has turned the tide! The hand of God is raised in victory! The hand of God has turned the tide!” (Psalm 118:5-6 MSG)

Sometimes I feel like I have been 'pushed to the wall' - pinned in, unable to move, kind of feeling a little helpless. It has been that way for a while with all this ups and downs in our country during this quite unsettling election year. I don't want to get 'political' today, but let me just say - God is in control, no matter the 'party' affiliation you proclaim - he hasn't lost control. It isn't a 'Republican' or 'Democratic' country we live in - it is ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Do you ever feel 'hemmed in' in your personal life, with little to no hope of ever breaking free of whatever has you right there in this moment? God hasn't lost control - never forget it is ONE LIFE UNDER GOD'S CONTROL. The bigger our 'dilemma' or 'life shattering issue' at the moment - the same answer applies - God has never lost control. It is indeed UNDER GOD that the walls will fall, the enemy will retreat, and the tide will turn within your life, your home, your career, and even within our nation!

I called to God - this is the crux of this passage. When we feel like we cannot possibly go on any longer, we don't just stop, sit down, and give up. We steel our spines, dig our feet in, and remember it is not over, it has only begun. Why? God isn't done! I remember someone telling me we never really see the light until it is quite dark around us at times. I live in a home that will emit some creaks and pops from time to time. You know when I hear them the most? In the darkness of night! Do you know when they can freak me out the most? In the darkness of night! Do you know what I do if I get freaked out? I turn on a light! Why? The light dispels the darkness. God isn't done in your circumstances today, my friends. He isn't capitulating to the enemy of your soul. He isn't going to let you just flounder and fail. Repeat this with me: I am ONE LIFE UNDER HIS CONTROL. 

Some of us are at the 'cliff's edge' right now, ready to fall, just barely balancing there. A strong gust of wind would be all it would take for us to lose our balance! God isn't going to let you fall - he will steady you right where you are, but he may call you back from the edge. He may also reach out and rescue you in the midst of the fall! The hand of God isn't 'ill-equipped' to rescue - we just need to recognize his hand is at work. You know that I pay attention to things repeated in scripture - if it was good enough to say it once, I listen, but if it was repeated time and time again - I sit up and take particular notice. It is meant for me to truly 'get' the lesson being taught when something is repeated. How did I learn my multiplication tables? I repeated 2x2 = 4, 2x3 = 6, and so on until I got it. 2 apples plus 2 apples gave me a bowl with 4 apples. 2 apples laid side by side 2 times gave me a fuller bowl! Pay attention to what God is saying.

We are his and he is ours. We have been redeemed, made whole, new breath placed within our lungs. Now, live as thought you are HIS. He is in control. He is what UNITES us in his family. He is what will UNITE us as a country. He is what UNITES because he has never lost control. God's purpose in our present pain? I am not sure, but I know this - he hasn't lost control. Just sayin!


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