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The 'considering process'

God’s works are so great, worth a lifetime of study—endless enjoyment! Splendor and beauty mark his craft; His generosity never gives out. His miracles are his memorial—this God of Grace, this God of Love. (Psalm 111:2-4)

Endless: Of or seeming to have no limit; boundless; infinite; incessant. Our challenge today is for us to consider the works of God. I would like us to put a great deal of effort into this "consideration", then to proclaim what it is we have been "considering" rather than keeping silent about it. There is to be a certain attitude in our consideration of the wonders of God. Get to know God on a personal basis and I believe you will not be "shy" about proclaiming what it is you have discovered in him - in his Word and in those times you spend alone with him. God's works are so great - worth a lifetime of study. God's works - everything from his creative to sustaining power - is worthy of our consideration. His works produce something, don't they? They are not idle works - just fooling around in the "workshop" of creation. They are purposeful and productive - they accomplish something. Every word he utters either sets something in motion, or holds something in check. Not even one word he utters lacks significance. Maybe this is why God wants us to value our time of quiet with him each day - to give us time to consider his works. We often get so busy - just glancing over his Word and not really considering his works, but it is in this considering process that we come to really "apprehend" the greatness of our God.

We are guaranteed a positive return on our "consideration" of God's works - endless enjoyment. I have spoken before about times of retreat, when we just have to take time away from the busy life we lead and center again on the important things in life. I think we need to take 'consideration times' to a whole different level - not just "seasons" of retreat and renewal, but a daily consideration of the works of God in which are sure to find encouragement, hope, and the basis of our trust. To find a way to "consider" God each day for just a few moments - developing the "skill" of studying his works so as to find the endless enjoyment he has for us in them - this is our mission. Splendor and beauty mark his craft. Splendor could also be written as "brilliant distinction". In looking upon God's "craftsmanship", we see such brilliant distinction - everything he creates has a beauty unique to that creative process. Even the "ugly" cacti of the desert have a beauty all their own. Have you ever stopped to explore the crags of the path, seeing deep into the crevices? The tiniest of insects crawl make this their home, protected from the elements, and far outside the reach of passing footsteps. God created the "crag" as a brilliant display of his protection for these little creatures. I wonder just how much we'd see of his splendor and beauty if we stopped to consider all the tiny "crags" he has created along the way in our lives?

His generosity never gives out. In a purely physical sense, my generosity is found lacking at some point. I "give out" until I feel I cannot give anymore. God's generosity finds no end point - there is a continual renewal of his grace, peace, love, and care. There is a liberality and readiness which mark his generosity. He is not a "stingy" giver - his grace cost him all he had! "God loves it when the giver delights in the giving." (2 Corinthians 9:7) When we consider the example of the Giver of all things, we will be challenged to "give" in the same manner - with delight! His miracles are his memorial. A miracle is something which surpasses human knowledge - we just cannot explain it. God's miracles are his memorial - they help "plant" memories of his goodness and greatness displayed in the lives of mankind. I don't know about you, but I want more "memorials" of his goodness and greatness in my life - things which humankind cannot explain. Things like the change of my character - transitioning me from a self-centered sinner into a creature of his love and grace. How about you? Want to be a display of his goodness and greatness? What "miracle" are you expecting of God today? Maybe in considering what God has done already in our lives, we might just find a few memorials we can put on display for all to see! Just sayin!


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