Seen, Spoken, Heard - Made Alive

Plato tells us that "thinking is the talking of the soul with itself." He also reminds us "we are twice armed if we fight with faith." Do you ever wonder why there is so much power in the spoken Word of God? We hear it read out loud and somehow it just sounds 'stronger'. If we truly value our soul, we will 'talk' to it with the scripture. The 'strength' of those words on the pages of our Bibles actually will begin to build up our inner man as they are not only 'seen' with our eyes, 'heard' with our ears, and 'soaked into' our hearts. 

The rebel walks a thorny, treacherous road; the man who values his soul will stay away. (Proverbs 22:5)

In scripture, the soul refers to all the desires, wishes, cravings, and needs of a human. As such, don't you think the soul deserves some 'special attention'? Without the attention of the Word, our souls will follow some pretty treacherous, and even 'thorny' paths. The desires of a soul left to its own devices will lead it down paths that lead to a very impoverished life. The soul's needs must be met - humans pursue what 'appears' to meet those needs. God asks that we take those needs to him - allowing him to help us see the best way those needs can be met.

The emotions are up one day and down the next - sometimes in the same breath. Faith evens out the emotions. We cannot live life by the 'seat of our emotions' - giving into every whim or fancy our soul might conjure up. We have to take those desires, wishes, cravings, and deep-seated needs to Christ. How do we do this? Sometimes we just sit in quiet prayer and can begin so see how he desires to meet them. Other times we are taking a walk, observing the sunrise, and then we begin to think upon how God's plans are being orchestrated. There is nothing quite like hearing the Word of God spoken, knowing the words we are hearing are for us.

Then we just stand in awe. In awe of all he is speaking. In awe of all he is showing us. In awe of his greatness and love. In awe of his extreme care for even the slightest of our cares or concerns. Let your words be few - allow his Words to be many. See your faith built by getting into the Word - speak it out loud - hear it afresh each day. The power of his Word as it comes to the needs of our soul is great. Just sayin!


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