The God of Compassion

For even if the mountains walk away and the hills fall to pieces, my love won’t walk away from you, my covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart. The God who has compassion on you says so. (Isaiah 54:10)

I actually heard this passage today on my walk. No, God didn't shout it down from the skies above - it was part of a devotional I was listening to online. My love won't walk away from you - take notice of those words because they speak volumes in uncertain times. God's love, intense and grace-filled, will not walk AWAY from you. In fact, his love walks TOWARD you even when you are walking away from him!

We serve a God of compassion - for compassion is the basis of grace. We get what we do not deserve - not because we earned it, but because his compassion makes a way for us to receive it. The way? Christ Jesus. The amount of his compassion that would make such a way? The life of his Son, Jesus. To whom is this compassion given? You and me.

God's covenant commitment to his children remains solid even when everything else around us seems to be 'hitting the fan'. We observe gas prices soaring higher and higher. Grocery budgets are blown with the higher price of food items at the store. Natural disaster after disaster leaves devastation and insurmountable clean up in their paths. How can we still have solid footing when all else seems to be crumbling around us?

Remember his compassion - it reaches into the darkest of places on brings the boldest of lights. It softens the hardest of hearts and opens the minds of those who say he cannot be real. It indulges the dreams of the young and imparts the wisdom of the aged. It creates where only dust and ashes remain. It answers when spoken to and calls out when we fail to listen. His compassion will never fail us. It will never leave us. Trust his love to be your strength, even when all else seems to be against you at the moment. He won't abandon ANY of his children in their time of distress. Just sayin!


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