Put Christ First TODAY

Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment. (Proverbs 4:7)

"Choose your friends with caution; plan your future with purpose and frame your life with faith." (Thomas S. Monson) No truer words have been spoken - all these choices matter so greatly, don't they? Wisdom eludes many of our decisions throughout our lifetime, leaving us a bit more disappointed in the outcome than we'd have hoped. Choose wisely and the outcome brings us cheer. Make an unwise choice in friendships, or our future plans, and the end result will surely leave us wanting. Choose to put God first in our lives and the choices we make in the other two area are sure to be better than if we'd made them on our own!

How do we consistently make wise choices? The answer is really quite simple - we choose Christ first above all else. Why does this ensure consistently wise choices? Christ IS wisdom - he embodies all wisdom, so choosing him means we actually 'tap into' wisdom's source! You have probably grown tired of me stressing 'Christ first' in your life, but there really is no other 'wise' choice. The more we plan for the future without putting Christ first in those plans, the more those plans are bound to have unforeseen consequences, unexpected expenses, and disappointing outcomes.

Develop a life of faith - above all else. The rest just falls into place somehow. We don't understand how Christ brings clarity where there has been so much chaos, but he does. We don't always appreciate how or when he moves, but he always orchestrates things. The important thing is to place our trust in his plans and purposes for our lives - then walk in the wisdom he gives each and every day, so we are making the right choice for that day. I think we want to plan our choices way out into the future, but Christ asks us to choose him TODAY, make choices in his wisdom TODAY, and plan TODAY for what may add to our tomorrows. 

We get the cart before the horse many times and wonder why the pieces seem to not be working well. Today is all we are assured - so live it well. Be wise in today's choices, knowing God holds the future plans in his hands. The 'purpose' in our future is made up of the 'purpose' of our TODAY. If our purpose TODAY is Christ first in all we do, we are making wise choices. If Christ first in our relationships is the means by which we relate to one another, then TODAY'S relationships will make for stronger ones tomorrow! Just sayin!


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