With or Without - That is the Question

Have you ever just looked at something and thought what was ahead of you was absolutely impossible? We all probably face that overwhelming feeling on occasion. What we don't want is to not move forward just because we think something is impossible. Arthur C. Clarke reminds us, "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible." When we do what we know to do, God takes us beyond the 'possible' into the 'impossible'.

“What is impossible for people is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

As we move right along in our new year, we may have faced a few things we have already labeled as "impossible" - not because we haven't 'tried' to make a go of them, but because we faced many a roadblock when we did. Roadblocks aren't always there to stop us - sometimes they just slow us down and get us to take a different route we didn't already consider. When God is at the helm of our lives, we can be assured that each roadblock is just that. He stops us long enough to get us to consider the route he has planned for us. 

Look again at that passage. It might be impossible for us, but WITH God, there are innumerable possibilities that open up before us. We might fail in our own power, but WITH God, failure isn't an option. The 'impossible' seems to be unfathomable. We just don't 'see a way'. What we need in those moments isn't our own 'vision' or 'perspective' on the matter. We need God's! We need to see what he sees. How does this happen? When we stop trying to do it WITHOUT God and start doing it WITH him. Too many times we work 'counter' to what God desires - because we imagine our own efforts to be sufficient. Sadly, they rarely are. 

With or without - this is really the question today. Will we face the impossibilities WITH God, or without him? If we want to find ourselves ever moving past those roadblocks, we might just want to consider doing it WITH him! Just sayin!


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