These three gifts

What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and praise the Lord’s name for saving me. I will keep my promises to the Lord in the presence of all his people. (Psalm 116:12-14)

We all have those moments when we want to offer something to God, but whatever it is we seem to come up with just doesn't seem like enough. God doesn't ask much from us - he gives us so very much, but he asks little in return (or so it seems). If you have ever tried to keep your promises that you have made to God, you might have discovered it can be a little harder than you first thought!

As our psalmist points out, there are a few things we can 'offer the Lord'. If you have also tried to share your faith with another, you are doing one of the things he outlines. The testimony God gives us is actually a 'gift' we can share with others. That hope he places deep within our heart and the sense of freedom he brings into our lives is not easily contained - begging to be shared. Whenever we share our faith, we are actually giving a very special 'offering' to God, but we are also giving others the chance to bring a similar gift.

When we offer praise, lifting our hands and hearts in worship, we are bringing a 'gift' that actually transcends our circumstances. We don't have to 'feel like' praise is 'doing something' within us to offer it. Praise is a gift to God - we just get the 'side-benefit' of being 'lifted' in our spirit and emotions as we bring this precious gift. Isn't it amazing that the gift we bring God could actually be something that benefits us in such a large way? Perhaps the 'gifts' we offer to God have a wider-reaching effect than we first thought.

As we move into the realm of obedience, we are bringing a gift that actually begins to 'cost' us something we may not have really wanted to give at first. As hard as it might be to share our faith with others, praise and worship when times are challenging, it can be harder to look into God's Word and find places in our lives that aren't in line with what he requires of us. These are the moments where the toughest gift to offer is actually be prepared. We are beginning to move from a self-governed lifestyle into a lifestyle of being 'God-governed'. We call this obedience.

We may not think of these three things as 'gifts' we offer to God, but could it be possible we should begin to 'offer' these on a more consistent basis? Just askin!


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