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Laying it on the line

Most of us equate putting something on the line as taking a risk with something and we might just lose it when we do.  There is also the risk the thing we put on the line might just experience so much damage we will never get it back in the same condition - like when the parent hands over the car keys the first time to the new young teen driver!  Risk is inherent in laying anything on the line - whether it be something we own, or even when we open up to a friend about our struggle and inner battles.  I don't think we should be focused on the "risk" as much as we should be focused on the results of never having taken the risk in the first place!  If we never give our kids the keys to the car, they will never learn to drive.  If we never let our kids stand on their own two feet, making some poor choices in the process, we will never see them amount to strong adults.  Risk is inherent in all aspects of growth - so hold on - it is going to get a little "risky" if y