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The Eagle, The Globe and The Anchor

30  Even young people become worn out and get tired.   Even the best of them trip and fall.   31  But those who trust in the Lord  will receive new strength.     They will fly as high as eagles.  They will run and not get tired.        They will walk and not grow weak. (Isaiah 40:30-31 NIV) I wonder how much we know about the United States Marine Corp's emblem.  I listened to a mother on the radio yesterday describing her son's pursuit for the coveted emblem of honor - showing he had completed his grueling basic training as a new U.S. Marine recruit.  She was so alone in her loneliness, not knowing the status of her son's latest achievements, his struggles, or the state of his health.  As she drove to work (an hour long commute in the Michigan area), she was overwhelmed by the "God moment" she experienced - so much so that she had to pull over to the shoulder and just revel in the beauty of his touch.  You see, as a Marine Recruit, her son's focus was to ob