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You and me - let it be!

Distraction:  That which divides the attention or prevents concentration. Distractions are often things which provide some type of amusement or entertainment - taking away our focus.  The idea of being distracted hits home whenever we have to put on the brakes too fast because we have been daydreaming, or at times when we find ourselves being asked for our opinion on what has just been said but have no idea what was actually said because we were miles off in la-la land!  We all struggle with distractions - some of us worse than others.  For some it is a relationship - the amount of time and effort we spend in the relationship actually deters us from being involved in things which are most important in our lives - things like time with God, attention to our family, etc.  For others it is some form of media - taking away attention we should have been directing toward relationships, work which is piling up around the home, etc.  There are innumerable ways to be distracted - so we must lea