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And the hunt is on!

William Maxwell once said, "If you turn the imagination loose like a hunting dog, it will often return with the bird in its mouth."  I wonder what would happen if we turned our spirit loose like a "hunting dog"?  Would we return with blessings like power, peace, and purpose?  Well, I think this might just be the case!  We often bridle our spirits, keeping them from expanding into territory we think only the "worthy" can trod.  Guess what?  You ARE the worthy!  You may not be convinced of that yet, but trust me, scripture declares those who have put their trust in Christ as their Savior, confessing their sins, and taking his grace freely as "worthy"! Whoever goes hunting for what is right and kind  finds life itself—glorious life! (Proverbs 21:21 MSG) To hunt is to go searching for with the desire to catch.  There is the idea of searching and seeking - not for the "sport" of it - but because there is something to be obtained.  The