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Limitless - priceless!

If we are used to measuring things, such as the length of something, or the content within a particular container, after a while we all can pretty much eyeball something and tell just about how much is in that container or how long the object is.  Why?  We become so accustomed to the container or the object we are measuring we just know when we see it. It has to do with how frequently we observe that object.  I only have to eyeball a bag of IV solution after all these years and I can pretty much gauge how long it will last at the present rate it is infusing.  I can quickly tell if your kidneys are producing 30 mL per hour by the content of the bag collecting the urine while you are under anesthesia in the operating room. These are things I "know" because I have observed them over and over again until I develop such an awareness that is almost comes as second-nature to me now.  I wonder if we can get to know God's ways of dealing in our lives in much the same manner and d