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Considering the load

Have you ever felt like you are at the end of your rope - just ready to throw in the towel and call it quits?  In those moments, isn't it so easy to just accuse God of things like "ignoring us" or "not paying attention to our needs"?  We somehow equate things "not going our way" as God holding out on us, or just plain not giving a hoot about how we are fairing in the process.  In fact, we might even utter words which resemble these of our psalmist:  "I've looked at the back of your head long enough!"  It is easy to settle into the "mully-grubs" when things are not exactly as we might have liked for them to be in our lives, but it is quite another thing to "blame" God for getting or putting us there!   Long enough,  God — you’ve ignored me long enough.   I’ve looked at the back of your head   long enough. Long enough  I’ve carried this ton of trouble,   lived with a stomach full of pain.   Long enough my arrogant e