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Sneaking past palace guards

24-28  There are four small creatures, wisest of the wise they are—       ants—frail as they are, get plenty of food in for the winter;       marmots—vulnerable as they are, manage to arrange for rock-solid homes;       locusts—leaderless insects, yet they strip the field like an army regiment;       lizards—easy enough to catch, but they sneak past vigilant palace guards. (Proverbs 30:24-28 The Message) We have looked at the ant before, but I think there might be some opportunity to explore these other creatures to see what lessons we might glean from them. Scripture calls them the wisest of the wise - I guess that is in animal life - so, we will likely be able to see some characteristics that we might want to emulate in our own. The ant, of course, is cited as wise because of its careful planning and diligence to task.  They are busy doing what it is they were designed to do - they "clean up" the surface of the land and do so in a very specific, well-ordered manner.