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A little "mind control", please

As we have been looking at the differences between the wise, simple, and foolish, we will continue today down the path of observing some of the character traits of the wise.  One of the most profound things I believe we begin to possess when we move from just having knowledge about something into a place of actually using that knowledge is this whole idea of developing a little better judgment.  Judgment is a really tricky thing - for some it comes in the form of some awful mistake-ridden steps; for others it may seem like a walk in the park. I don't know which end of the scale you might find yourself on at the moment, but I can confess to the fact of walking at both ends of the scale at one point or another!  It is kind of like watching an speedometer on your car's dashboard - it goes up and down - depending on what you are doing with your foot on the accelerator.  If you depress the gas pedal with your foot, the speedometer goes up and the car speeds forward, but take off th