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Experience comes through mistakes?

Are you a 'mistake maker'? Oscar Wilde reminds us, "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." If you are anything like me, you intend to do something one way, but when push comes to shove, you find yourself taking a few shortcuts here and there. You start well, but somehow end up with the end looking a bit different than you might have imagined - all because you took those shortcuts. God isn't going to send us to hell for our shortcuts, but he also doesn't want us to develop the habit of always seeking the easiest path in life. He wants to ensure we grow - learning as much as we can from those things that didn't end up exactly as we had hoped! Proverbs 19:2 tells us, "Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes." To make mistakes is part of human nature. We might not want to admit it, but we make mistakes every day. When we repeat them day after day, we might just want to take some time to explore why we continue to m

Learning from mistakes

  I don't usually post images on my feed, but today this one caught my eye and it made me ponder just a little bit how much we all probably try to 'erase' our mistakes. I don't think I am in this alone, am I? The times we make mistakes can be quite painful, with our memories lending to the painfulness by constantly helping us to recall just how miserably we failed! I think we all get carried away in the memories from time to time - recounting just how far from the mark we were when we hit that 'bottom' place. The mistakes of our past are not something we should ever discount, though. They are indeed 'stepping stones' into the throne room of grace. Were it not for those mistakes, how close to Jesus would you be today? I daresay those mistakes have actually drawn you closer to him! There is something 'humiliating' in making the same mistake, I know this, but there is something 'liberating' in bringing those mistakes (even the ones we repeat