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No pizza before bed!

Ever had one of those nights when you just tossed and turned, sleep eluding you at every turn?  You drift quickly into a little bit of a snooze and then without warning, you are wide awake again - free to choose another position, try another pillow, or just gaze into the black space of night at nothing.  Yep, I think we may have all endured those nights, but maybe we it has been a while since you had a dream which disturbed you deeply - the type where you awaken in a state of alert, almost panic, perhaps feeling like you were falling, jumping to alertness in an instant.  Those type of dreams leave you a little shaken - not so much because you awoke suddenly, but because the impression of the dream (real or imagined) sticks with you for a while.  Now, most of us will just lay there in bed a little while, allowing our heart rate to return to normal, the sweat on our brow to dissipate, and the slumber return. Very few of us will respond to the dream by hiring the magicians, enchanters, s