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You know this kind of love?

If you have never read the story of the prodigal son, it is well worth the read. I go back to this story periodically because I need to be reminded of the intensity of God's love and sacrifice on my behalf - when I least deserved it, as often as I need it, and without condition.  As a point of reference, here is the scenario in a nutshell.  A son, heir to his father's inheritance, doesn't want to wait for his father to "kick over" to get his "share" of the family treasure.  So, he demands it of his father - taking what he gets and squandering it on living just as he wants.  When it is all gone, he finds himself homeless and penniless.  He is forced to take care of pigs - something a good Jewish boy would never do as these were animals considered unclean.  To top it off, he even eats the pig slop to stay alive.  One day, at the end of his rope, he considers what he should do next - amazingly, he considers home as his option!  It should come as no surprise