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Clothes really do make a man

There are some things in the Bible which just appear a little to hard to grasp. They are a "mind challenge" and most likely a "heart challenge" - especially when we have a mindset toward doing exactly the opposite of what is being presented!  Then there are other things we just gravitate toward because the teaching is easy to understand, brings us some satisfaction, or we just like hearing the words over and over again because they bring us some sense of peace.  Most of the books of the Bible don't open up with an explanation of why they are being written.  In fact, you have to get to know all the "players" in the chapters, figure out a little history of what has gone on, and then try to understand the audience to whom the pages were penned, so you can piece together the meaning of the words - most of which you have a hard time actually knowing how they apply to you anyway.  Proverbs is just the opposite - it simply states right from the beginning - WE