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The chapter of grace

Have you ever picked up a piece of fruit, felt it, and then put it back down only to pick up another until you find the right one. You are rejecting some to find the one you feel is the best. One of the "darkest" places to be in our lives is in the place of being examined, but rejected by those around us. By the very nature of rejecting someone, the one being rejected is being said to be useless or unsatisfactory to the one who is doing the rejecting. They have no purpose in our lives - therefore, we discard them, refusing to accept them and what they bring into our lives. One of the toughest things to learn to do with people who treat others as though they are "rejects" in this earth is to NOT reject them because of their "actions" of intolerance or judgment! It is only natural to want to reject those who hurt others, abuse us, or treat some as though their sins are too great. It is also a very dangerous place to tread - because we move into a place