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Let's not be fools

We all have moments when we just have to ask, "What were you thinking?"  The likely truth is that we WEREN'T thinking! The moment we crossed that invisible line from doing stuff the "wise" way into the place where we began to respond as either a foolish person or a simpleton, we just weren't thinking!  We might have been distracted, caught up in the frenzy of the moment, or even just too oblivious to have spent enough time in thought before we chose to act.  It happens to all of us.  We play the parts of the "fool" or the "simpleton" pretty well at times!  The moment we cross the invisible line, we know we are bound for disastrous consequences.  Consequences is just a big word for an end result we may not have wanted.  If we drive too recklessly, the consequences may actually be a fender bender and the car being tied up for a week or so while there are repairs to it.  The actions we engage in, regardless of how "purposeful" we