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More than grubs...

I must admit - I like watching these shows where people have to go through extremes to stay alive and survive their "trek" in the wilderness somewhere. They get "dropped" in some remote location with very limited survival gear - one guy actually lives life without shoes and has been dropped in some pretty freezing places without any shoes and only wearing shorts!  I don't really want to be one of these individuals who has to survive in the wilderness with only a length of fishing line, a hook, and a knife.  I really like the comfort of my bed, a warm shower in the morning, and the ability to brush my teeth!  Worrying about what I will eat, where I will shelter from the elements, how to ward off the wild creatures, and the like is just not my cup of tea.  Yet, I find the journey they take and the skills they have developed to be amazingly interesting.  The ability to identify things growing in the wild, foraging for food, and even setting traps to obtain a littl