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It is hard to always pay attention

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming away, only to be caught a little off-guard by just how much time has passed without you doing anything at all? I am able to drift into some kind of "daydreaming" mode and just drift along. When I look at the end of the day's work, I wonder why I just did not accomplish as much as I set out to do. At other times, I am so productive and accomplish a great deal without even realizing just how much I was able to accomplish. Most would consider this kind of "up and down" behavior as a little bit of inconsistency - my actions don't consistently match the words or the intentions of my mind and heart. There are days when I wonder why I say the things I say - when I know full-well those words are gonna come back to haunt me! Days when the words just seem to "pop out" without any forethought, but it is too late once they escape my mouth! I guess we all have those days, huh? If you have figured out a way to 100% of the