Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Eagle, The Globe and The Anchor

30 Even young people become worn out and get tired.  Even the best of them trip and fall.  31 But those who trust in the Lord will receive new strength. 
   They will fly as high as eagles. They will run and not get tired. 
      They will walk and not grow weak.
(Isaiah 40:30-31 NIV)

I wonder how much we know about the United States Marine Corp's emblem.  I listened to a mother on the radio yesterday describing her son's pursuit for the coveted emblem of honor - showing he had completed his grueling basic training as a new U.S. Marine recruit.  She was so alone in her loneliness, not knowing the status of her son's latest achievements, his struggles, or the state of his health.  As she drove to work (an hour long commute in the Michigan area), she was overwhelmed by the "God moment" she experienced - so much so that she had to pull over to the shoulder and just revel in the beauty of his touch.  You see, as a Marine Recruit, her son's focus was to obtain the coveted Eagle, Globe and Anchor.  As a mom, praying for her son's welfare, God sent an Eagle across her path, soaring right in front of her car.  There she sat, wondering about his well-being, and God reinforced that he was with her son in his pursuit!  We serve an awesome God!

As I continued my commute to work, that young man's pursuit of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor began to speak to me about who God is in our lives.  You see, first and foremost, he is like the wings beneath us - quickly taking us from the pits of our despair, into the heights of his presence - much like the Eagle.  It is his Eagle-Sharp vision that targets the enemies of our soul and makes nothing more than prey of them.  It is his ability to view things from the vantage point high above life's situations that gives us perspective that we never would have otherwise.  So, as this young man is pursuing his Eagle - let us pursue ours!

The Globe portion of this emblem spoke to me about the fact that God is our "world".  He becomes the center of our existence - in fact, he is the very thing around which we find our world rotating!  In thinking this through, I began to see that God calls us to be "all in" with him - in turn, he commits to being "all in" with us.  He becomes our world!  He becomes that which gives us footing, sustains us, and meets our every need.  I think my message to that mother with a hurting heart for his war-bound son is simply this:  "He is all in with Jesus - Jesus is all in with him!"  He will sustain him, encourage him, and found him on a firm footing.  My message to each of you is the same!

Last, but not least, this young recruit is pursuing the Anchor.  Need I say more than that God is the thing that holds us steady when all around seems to be at unrest, pounding waves seek to carry us into the currents of depression, the hurricanes of disease threaten our peace, or the drifting of the lazy currents of apathy catch us unaware of our drift.  God is an anchor like no other.  His steadfast attention to every detail of our lives, every threat to our walk, is what we hold onto today.  

Lest we forget the most important words of this emblem - lodged securely in the beak of the Eagle:  Semper Fidelis - the meaning speaks volumes!  The words are "Always Faithful".  Now, what could describe our God better than those two words?  Nothing!  He is the one, always faithful, always there, always watchful over our lives!  

This young recruit may be pursuing the honor of the emblem of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.  We are pursuing the honor of knowing the Eagle, the Creator of the World, and the Anchor of our Souls.  So, "recruit", what about you?  Are you pursuing the honor of the "corp" of the Chosen of the Most High?  If so, you are indeed honored to bear the emblem of the Eagle, the Globe, and the Anchor of your Soul!

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