Monday, August 3, 2015

No argument here

Robert Quillen was a journalist in the early 20th century with what many called a great sense of humor.  One of the things he was quoted as saying really did not have much humor in it, but gives one pause to think for just a moment about how profound his wisdom really was.  He said, "Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance."  For those of you given to debating truth, this may come as a little bit of a strike in the face, for the basis of debate is argument.  There is nothing which needs to be debated about the truth, for the truth stands without anyone arguing for or against it.  It is truth - and truth stands regardless of the arguments raised against it, not needing anyone to argue for it.  Proclaim it - yes; argue it - no.  

To step between two people arguing is as foolish as going out into the street and grabbing a stray dog by the ears. (Proverbs 26:17 ERV)

Dale Carnegie said, "The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it." I don't know about you, but stepping into an argument is just not one of the things I really enjoy.  I like to avoid conflict - not because I am a wimp - but because wisdom tells me it is a dangerous place to stand when daggers are flying from both directions!  As many times as we think we might just have the answer to the argument, it is sometimes the best solution to let the tempers cool before you offer it!

Colin Powell said, "Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand."  There is great wisdom in those words - for those who want to effect the way people are acting need not to enter into the debate, but to step aside long enough to see the sides of the debate. Sometimes when we begin to see the "side" of the debate each person has taken, we can begin to see where truth may be the best "infusion" of peacemaking which can be offered.

Truth is always a solution to every debate, although many may choose to ignore it, violate it, or totally reject it as truth.  Regardless of their "stand" related to the truth, the truth remains.  You may notice I remain silent on some of the hot topics hitting media and social feeds these days, but it isn't because I don't have my opinion or my firmly held beliefs.  It is because truth is truth and I will choose to stand upon truth, regardless of what any "side" debates.  You don't need to argue truth - you just need to live in the light of it and embrace it with all your might.

It is not necessary to argue grace - it is only necessary to extend it.  It is not necessary to argue grace because grace is something embraced and then lived out.  Your life becomes an argument "for" the love of God.  Just sayin!

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