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Not always an "ah-ha" moment

Honestly, there are times in this world when I feel like I am talking and I don't think anyone is even listening - not a human, not an animal, and not even God. There have been times as a mom when I was saying something to two very blank faces staring back at me in what many would call their looking at you, but we don't hear a word you say kind of face!  There have also been moments when I have tried to just engage someone in conversation, only to find they have never been listening to a word I said because their answer is so totally different than the question I asked! I chuckle now at some of the things mom answered when she heard something so totally different than what I ever said or asked, just because she was hard of hearing and in the early stages of dementia. We've probably all been in this situation at least once where we find ourselves chuckling over what we thought we heard, but it was totally different than what was spoken! Thank goodness God is really listening when we want to speak with him, but I wonder how much of what we 'think' we hear from God is 'made up' because we aren't really listening as intently as we should be?

God's there, listening for all who pray, for all who pray and mean it. He does what's best for those who fear him—hears them call out, and saves them. (Psalm 145:18-19)

God truly hears each word we speak - even those not really spoken out loud, but being shot up to him in silent "help, I need you!" moments!  It is beyond my brain's comprehension to understand how God could possibly be listening to all of us at the same time, but one thing is for sure - if he could create you and I out of mere dust, I am pretty convinced he could (and does) listen to more than one person at a time! Some may think of prayer as those moments of "devout", on your knees, head bowed, hands interlocked moments with God when you pour out your heart to him. The truth is, prayer is really an attitude of heart and mind. In fact, it is often better translated as "communion" - the interchange or sharing which occurs because there is connection. The thing we may need to hear most today is God is listening for all who engage in this type of interchange - who make connection with him.

As a kid, I certainly had a curious mind. I'd poke sticks in holes, not knowing what dwelt in the recesses. Once I was rewarded with a gila monster attached to the end of a stick, jaw firmly clamped down on this menacing object that had invaded its home. That one discovery set me running because it wasn't what I expected. I am honestly not sure what I expected when I stuck my stick into hole after hole, but a big old lizard capable of delivering one mean bite didn't even occur to me! There were a whole lot of times when I'd walk away with disappointment because nothing stirred, nothing bit on the stick, and my efforts just didn't yield a thing! You don't honestly expect the bad stuff to get stirred up when you pray, but have you ever experienced that? You kind of 'poke a stick' in a 'hole' somewhere in your life or relationships, and then when something emerges that seems a little threatening to your usual way of life, you run!

We miss "connection" with God because we never take the time to explore the recesses of his counsel (his Word), or the intensity of his power. We just 'dabble' in prayer - we don't really ask so as to listen, nor do we listen so as to hear. We may think he is too busy to listen to our "little" issues - but he is THERE -- listening! Not just THERE -- but listening attentively, ready to respond to us. There is benefit to the "devout" times of "knee prayer" - but don't discount the times of just sharing your heart "on the fly". God doesn't have a "deaf ear" to turn regardless of the length or 'depth' of our prayer! There are times with God when I am simply "poking around" to see what I will uncover. These have been some of the greatest times I have had in connection with him. I may not get a 'wow' or even a 'ah-ha' reward each time I speak with him, but I get something from each moment I spend just exploring God and his intense love! This is connection - this is communication. It is two - sharing from the heart - just listening to each other. Don't count on the excitement of the moment to ignite you each time, but know their exists something exactly for the moment when you need it the most! Just sayin!


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