Rebuilding Foundations - Part II

Apathy by its very definition describes the condition of a heart that drifts slowly into a pattern of routine pursuit, creating ruts of habit that soon keep us anchored in the things that destroy the very foundations so carefully and passionately provided by God at the time of our salvation.

Drifting occurs without any purposeful thought. Think of the snow gently falling on a beautiful winter day. Snowflakes gently fall in random patterns, accumulating in even layers as they gently drift to the ground. There is no established pattern for how they will fall. There is no purposeful placement of that snowflake one upon another. In fact, that snowflake is affected by everything in its environment. If the wind blows a little, the snowflakes are directed toward objects and structures that allow them to accumulate in uneven patterns, causing build-up of snow against those structures until the snow in those areas becomes deeper or denser than the other snowflakes lying on the ground around them. The “drift” begins to conceal that which acted as that barrier to its purposeful placement, oftentimes presenting hazards deeply buried by that which looks so simple, pure and enjoyable.

In a river, the drift of the water stirs up debris that lies buried beneath the surface of the shimmering surface. Clay, sand, gravel, and even boulders begin to be transported along the course of the river, causing new hazards just beneath the surface.

Drifting occurs because of external influences, such as the wind provides to the snow. We are not always aware of the influence, but we can see its influence over the course of time. Drifting can also occur because of internal influences, such as what occurs when the water places its force upon the riverbed in which its waters flow. The influences and the results of the water's current are not as easily seen, but they exist nonetheless.

Regardless of the influence, there is drifting – and that drifting leads to apathy. Apathy suggests that we have lost our sense of concern, our emotional investment into something, or a general indifference exists. We become “spiritless” in our pursuit of that which once created a sense of deep “spiritual” enjoyment and satisfaction.

We cannot underestimate the value or power of influence. That which exerts an unseen power over us without any seeming force can corrupt to the core of our being – deeply affecting the foundation so carefully laid by our creator God.

Israel was dynamically delivered from a life of bondage in Egypt.  God made a way for their release like never seen before, and honestly never realized again.  Israel came into a land filled with all kinds of misdirected worship, powerful leaders of well-trained armies, and looming giants of huge stature. Their entry into the land was dramatic, preparing the land’s inhabitants with a sense of dread and awe of the God who directed their course. Yet, even with all this going “for” them, they chose the influence of the land over the influence of their God.

Sometimes, we have so much "going for us", yet we get carried away by the drift or the current of the present - that which exerts the biggest pull or the strongest sway.  If this is the condition you find yourself in today - there is hope for a rebuilding of the foundation!  Don't lose hope.  Reach out to the Master Builder of your life and ask him to begin again the work of rebuilding the foundations of what you once knew as your first love in your life.  He is waiting to restore - you only need to ask.  Tomorrow, we will explore the forces that attack our foundations a little deeper.  See you then!


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