Destination God

God is serious business. He won't be trifled with.  (Nahum 1:2)

Most of the time, I am not aware of the intensity of the "noise" of that which distracts me from hearing God's voice.  I am easily caught up in the "noise of the moment" and not as easily in-tune with what God is saying or doing in the moment.  God works in tremendous power - but his power is most commonly displayed in quietness and through prayer.  We have all kinds of "maneuvering" we go through before we seek God - we try our plans, we use our connections, we evaluate our resources, etc.  Nahum begins this chapter with a challenge to not trifle with God - in fact, he is telling us that it is definitely time for us to stop all our maneuverings and let God be God in our lives!

To trifle means that we account for someone or something in our lives as insignificant, of little value, or of little importance.  The writer is serious in his warning - God won't be trifled with.  He doesn't appreciate it when we waste his time - like when we come to him with insincere hearts.  He wants us to approach him without serious, purposeful intent.  He is not to be our "trivial pursuit", but the main focus of our lives.

God is good, a hiding place in tough times.  He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help, no matter how desperate the trouble.  (Nahum 1:7-8)

God recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help - what an awesome promise!  No matter how desperate the trouble - he is there!  You may have heard it preached, or come across this truth in your daily Bible study, but we are told that we ave not because we ask not or ask amiss.  It is comforting to me to know that God recognizes the desperate heart and the needs that exist in that desperation, even when we don't clearly know what it is we need.  The most important thing for us to remember is this:  We have access! 

God's intervention in our present circumstance - our desperation - begins with nothing more than coming to him!  It is in our "coming" that he draws out our hidden or unrecognized need - exposing it to us and then intervening with what needs to be done.  We make God's intersection in our lives more difficult than it has to be.  He simply asks that we come to him - that we look for his help.  This speaks of an expectancy - a trust in his shelter and safe-keeping. 

Yesterday, we thought about our traveling companions along this journey we call "life".  Today, I challenge us to look at what distracts us from our destination in our spiritual journey.  If you are like me, there are many distractions, each serving to "pull" me in their own unique pathway.  I am learning to be less of a "sight-seer" in my daily walk - focusing on the destination rather than all the distractions along the way.  I need a travel guide to assist me in getting to my destination - the Holy Spirit.  It is sometimes hard to hear his gentle direction above the chaos of my day - but I am learning that his direction is always into that which shelters me, welcomes me.  Let us become less concerned with the "sights" that entice and more focused on the "shelter" that provides rest!


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