Crazy Cracked Pots - Part I

Something crazy has happened, for it’s obvious that you no longer have the crucified Jesus in clear focus in your lives. (Galations 3:1)

Clear focus is a challenge for even the most dedicated believer. Paul is calling the Galation church to evaluate their focus because he sees that they no longer have Jesus set before them clear enough to remain on track. They have allowed something else to fill the center of their focus that only Christ should be filling.

Focus is the position in which something must be placed in order for clarity of perception to occur. If we change that position even minutely, the clarity of our perception is directly impacted. Spiritual focus is impacted by:

  • Changing the distance at which we hold Christ in our daily lives - we distance him anytime we neglect daily times of praise, prayer or worship. A simple change of distance, although quite small in our minds, makes a huge difference in the clarity of our purpose and direction in our daily walk. It allows for compromise to begin to be made.
  • Allowing things to cloud our focus - by placing something in our field of clear vision, we allow for a “film” of sorts to develop over our spiritual eyesight. We do not perceive the things or events around us in the same manner as we once did.
    For only crazy people would think they could complete by their own efforts what was begun by God. If you weren’t smart enough or strong enough to begin it, how do you suppose you could perfect it? (Galations 3:3)

    I examined the meaning of “crazy” in my Webster’s dictionary to find a most interesting meaning of the word that I would have otherwise defined as simply making poor choices or being unsound in mental capacity. It seems that the word “crazy” also carries a meaning of being full of cracks or flaws.

    No wonder that we refer rather flippantly to someone as “crazy” who is unsound in their capacity to make decisions in a competent manner. Paul refers to the Galations as crazy people because he sees them as full of cracks or flaws – unsound in their walk because they have let themselves be impacted by the opinions of others, the misguided teachings of those who do not have a direct relationship with a living God, and the “wacky” perception that rule-keeping can assist a man to live in a manner that is deserving of God’s approval.

    For these believers, the cracks are so small that they are almost imperceptible. They have developed a “mesh” of fine cracks in their character – allowing for things to penetrate that should have stayed on the outside of their minds, never getting their attention or changing their focus. Crazy people are impractical, or erratic in their behavior. They are distracted with desire or excitement – they are passionately preoccupied with what leads them askew in their lives. To those of us who get so easily led astray by those things that distract because they are allowed to take the focus off of Christ in our lives, Paul addresses the comment that we are not smart or strong enough to complete the work Christ began in us.

    Our intentions are good, but our follow-through is poor. We don’t possess the knowledge to grow as we should. We don’t possess the where-withal to resist the things we should and embrace those things that will encourage us in faith. So…why do we try to do it on our own? Rule-keeping or religious pursuit of things we do to gain God’s approval is simply trying to do by our own power what only God can accomplish in his power. Paul describes this as a “crazy” pursuit (full of cracks).  If you are numbered among the "cracked pots" of this world, then take heart.  Tomorrow, we will explore the plan God has for even us "cracked pots"!


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