Me, God?

1 God said to Moses, "Now you'll see what I'll do to Pharaoh: With a strong hand he'll send them out free; with a strong hand he'll drive them out of his land." (Ex. 6:1)

You cannot resist the powerful hand of God on your life.  It is impossible to escape his plans.  Even the hardest of hearts can be tamed and softened under his mighty hand and by his awesome plans.  Moses was coming to realize that the God he served was the "El Shaddai" - the Lord Almighty.  Not just "one" of the gods of the land, but the mighty God of all - creator of all that exists. 

When you begin to come to a revelation of the one true God in your life, there is no denying his power or his ability.  God never forgetshis covenant with his people - there is a deep sense of his peace that should accompany that revelation in our lives.  Even slavery is not a thing God will leave us in for long - because he is a God of deliverance - he delights in bringing freedom from bondage in our personal walk.

God yearns to make us his own special people.  There is nothing selfish in this plan - because it is done solely from a heart of deep, passionate, adoring love. When God redeems, it is with his mighty acts and a great show of his power.  He WILL be known as the God of Redemption to all who have eyes to see and hearts to respond.

Bondage becomes an entrenching thing that robs us of our joy and our hope.  A hopeless peoople are a helpless people.  Where there is no hope, there is little chance that faith will be built because faith is built upon hope.  Hope that there is something more, something better, something 'real'. 

We can argue with God's plans all we want - but he only needs a yielded vessel to accomplish more than we could ever imagine possible.  Moses struggled with God's call on his life because he felt unworthy and incapable of accomplishing what God was asking him to accomplish.  That said, God is not looking for the most "competent" vessel for his purposes - he is looking for the most "yielded" vessel.  God knew that a "strong orator" (one who could make a good speech or win a debate hands down) would rely on his or her own strength and ability when facing the challenge of a wicked Pharoah.  Moses was in absolutely NO position to demand the release of every Israelite from the rule and reign of Pharoah - he was a servant himself, under the bondage of an ungodly dictator.  Yet God calls him to do just that - demand their release and then lead them out of their bondage into a land flowing with milk and honey (the land of promise).

What looked impossible in the hand of Moses was entirely plausable and possible in the hand of God.  When God gave Moses the plan to lead the people out of captivity, he did it with a specific directive - lead them out division by division.  I don't want us to miss that God does things orderly - there is a "master plan" that he follows.  God does not operate in a fit of chaos, but in an orderly manner. 

Moses asks one important question - "Why will Pharoah listen to me?"  The answer is simple - a child of God carries a mighty strong message!  We should never be intimidated to bring the message God has placed in our lives - it is always backed by the mighty hand of a MIGHTY God.  God blesses the obedient with his presence and power.  We can resist his call because of pride, fear or unbelief. 

When we learn to discount these negative influences, we learn to listen as we should.  No one man could lead Israel out of Egypt - BUT God could with the yielded vessel he would use to accomplish his purposes.  Let's learn to be yielded vessels in his hand!  It may amaze you what God will do through you!


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