Record-Keeping 101

3-4 The day my enemies turned tail and ran, they stumbled on you and fell on their faces. You took over and set everything right; when I needed you, you were there, taking charge.  (Psalm 9:3-4)

David pens this psalm from a "full heart" - one that had seen the God of the Universe establish him as king, delivering him mightily from enemies all around. He introduces this psalm with the words, "I am writing the book on your wonders..."  What a privilege it must have been to be called upon by the God of the Universe to pen the words that we now read in our daily devotions!  David was a "journal person"!  He took joy in writing down what God had done for him and what God was telling him.  

Today, we find David retelling the story of his enemies and their utter failure to accomplish their evil purposes in his life.  He records that when they actually turned to "run away from him", they stumbled.  Look at what or who they stumbled on - God!  God had David's back the entire time he was facing whatever battle he was in!  His enemies could not escape the reality that a child of God is a "protected man".  

We may not "see" God, but we can be just as assured that he has OUR backs in the battle!  Some of the joy of journaling what God reveals in my life is looking back at those journal entries after some time has past.  I imagine David did the same thing.  As the pages are scanned, there is an overwhelming sense of praise that begins to take hold - because it is in the discovery of where we have been, what we have been through, what has been revealed in those times of distress, that we discover God was right there in the midst of it all!

I know that not everyone is as comfortable with pen and paper as I am, but hear me out.  You don't need a leather-bound journal to actually "keep record" of God's interventions and his investments into your life.  What you do need is the willingness to record just a few thoughts as they are given.  At first, I used the margins of my bible.  You should see some of my earlier Bibles!  They are filled with all kinds of thoughts - some pretty awesome, and some pretty ordinary!  As I'd read the Word, if something came alive for me, making sense like it had not before, I would write just a few words to share what God had shown me.  Before long, I had a "commentary" in the margins!

David reminds us of the value of "record-keeping".  When we don't think God is around, when his presence is not easily felt - we need to review the record of what he has done "from the beginning" in our lives!  When we do, we will just as assuredly be able to say, "When I needed you, you were right there, taking charge".  God is always ready to take charge in the midst of our chaos - we just have to acknowledge his presence.  Sometimes, we are just "stumbling over" God, almost unaware that he is even there.  Other times, we are keenly aware that he is leading and directing our course.  Either way, there is something awesome in the revelation of his presence.

Don't be afraid to be a record-keeper!  Some of God's most powerful moments in your life can be in the revelation of what he HAS done in our past as we are making preparation and seeking for what he IS doing in our present!  


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